About Kristopher Hardy

"Kristopher Hardy in his video, 'TRANNY MAKE-UP TUTORIAL!"


Kristopher Robert Hardy

Date of Birth:

October 1st, 1992

Current Location:

Vermont, US

Where Can I Find You?:







Skype – RawrIsLuv

How Can I Contact You?:

If you wish to send me messages or feedback, my email is RawrIsLuvMail@gmail.com

However if you wish to contact me for doing interviews, collaborations, business/media, etc. that email is RawrIsLuvBusiness@gmail.com

What camera do you use?:

For my main channel videos, I use a Canon Vixia HF21. All other videos are either with my Flip Ultra HD or my Built-in iSight on my iMac.

What video editing software do you use?:

I use Final Cut Studio. I edit all of the footage together with Final Cut Pro. Send it to color where I color the video to make it pretty. Bring back the video to Final Cut Pro. Go into Soundtrack Pro, get any background music or any type of audio and put it in Final Cut Studio. After I’m done all of that I use compressor and compress the file into the smallest size I can (sometimes I do it more than once).

Where do you get all of your video ideas?:

Usually I think of them, and write them down. If I haven’t made a certain series in a long time I try to make a new version of it. Sometimes I get your guys suggestions.

How tall are you?

5 foot, 9 inches.

What is your sexuality?:

Though it’s none of anyone’s business, I’m homosexual.

What is your religion?:

I don’t have one. I believe religion is pointless, stupid, cruel, inhumane and useless.

Why are you a vegetarian?:

I’m a vegetarian because I believe in the science behind it. I also do it to be healthier, which has been very successful since I started back in April of 2010. No I don’t get cravings for meat.

How are you losing all of that weight? How can I do it?:

I’ve been eating vegetarian meals, doing cardio 7 days a week, and strength training only 3 days during the week. If you wish to follow what I do, please watch all of my Vegetarian videos (note: check with a doctor before doing ANYTHING I do.)

Let’s collab!!!?:

Please check the email I listed already and contact me there. It’s better if you send me a script right off… that way I can easily film it and give it straight to you. If you do a script I will most likely collab with you. I suggest using Celtx as that’s what I use.


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